Part 23 strong 26MKMMA

Power of positive thinking, do good and good will follow you. Serve others to be served. Since I was about 23 I decided to be a helpful person. I just wanted to help and knew I would be helped. Keeping the focus on positive service. Understanding of spirit and the law of manifestation. You are Limitless, unless you think you have limitations. Do not set yourself up for failure but progect the outcome you desire. Always doing the best service that you can do for others, helping others to achieve their ultimate goals.Project the ultimate outcome and it will happen to you. The mind is a very powerful tool you can either use it negatively or you can use it positively it is your choice. Success is yours know it feel it concentrate on the service towards success believe that success will happen, and it will happen. MKMMMA IS AN AMAZING TOOL FOR EVERYONE. SHARE THE SUCCESS AND BE SUCCESSFUL.


MKMMA PART 22 Strong 25

Cultivation of positivity is the most important aspect of life. You are the grounds where your heartseed & mindseed are planted. You could  be the fertile ground that the seed of life flourishes in. Your mind creates the fertilizer that enables the seed to grow into it’s Optimum self. Everyone has a choice to be or not to be.

Thanks to mkmma I have coming to the realization in my life personal experience , that I have always hope for the best and prepared for the worst. That mindset is setting me up to fail. I have been My Own Worst Enemy. Preparing myself for the best possible outcome I could imagine, and hoping for better outcome than even imaginable is the mindset one needs to have in this life in order to achieve the optimum experience in this embodiment. I have had an amazing life , extraordinary compared to the greater percentage of the world certainly. This is no coincidence, so I need to eliminate my stumbling blocks that I have created in order to reach that Optimum life experience. I am so grateful and so thankful for this course allowing me to come into full realization and experience my Optimum potential and life. Plant the seed and cultivate positivity for the optimum experience possible. MKMMA IS A WAY.


Dream BIG you’ve got nothing to lose except settling for mediocrity in life. In science we learn that if we put heavier things on one side of the scale it outweighs the lighter side of the scale. So stack your scale with the positive encouragement to outweigh the negative discouraging ways of being . It’s simple, quite Elementary . Stack your good thoughts good actions positive encouragement on your scale eliminate all the negative chitter-chatter and the positive outweighs the negative every time. Those positive thoughts create positive mental Impressions , tendencies and character to lead you to the highest optimal self that you can be. Take your boundaries off your conscious life expression with unbridled enthusiasm, as if it’s your last chance. The truth is you are created 4 greatness don’t ever underestimate yourself. The only limit on you is you saying there’s a limit. Miracles happen and you are miraculous if YOU choose to be so, do it now. MKMMA

MKMMA part 20 strong 21.

Actions speak louder than words. I choose not to look to a noun

  1.  ” person place or thing”

But I look to Godliness the action that one takes. Self-discipline creative power to manifest positive godliness. Do good and good will follow you! In the silence be the architect of your greatest imagination for the good of all involved. Sometimes The Groovy lifestyle you’re leading that sometimes fall short of your goal, is actually a rut you’re settling for because it’s a lot better than most people’s situation. Self realization comma adjusting the mind to be a positive constructive powerful force bringing you to your highest form your omnipotence self. The mind is got to say and the body cannot stray, you can quote me on that one, so keep your mindset positive. Visualize it in your breath in with the good releasing and blowing the bad away from you and your omnipotence self that you are.

 It’s one day you Got the Whole World in Your Hands what are you going to do? MKMMA DO IT NOW.


Where there is fear the law of substitution is what I suggest and the law of dual thought. Courage is the substitution I choose to use for focus and encouragement we can attach any feeling to a thought we want.

Remember Forrest Gump’s Lieutenant Dan strapped in the Crow’s Nest in the hurricane out at Sea in the Gulf of Mexico.

Don’t get caught up in the fear law of substitution works. The omnipotent Universal Mind is between your ears. Lead with your heart it’s got the power you’ve got the power every cell in your body has been created for greatness. You have the choice within your own mind two nourish yourself with the mental food that will strengthen and give you courage. Stay away from the swag  negative mindsets that are keeping you down and stripping your body your spirit and your soul of its perfection.

DO IT NOW. MKMMA get the keys to unlock the success that is intended for your life Journey.

Strong#19                   part 18 MKMMA

You are nature’s greatest miracle brought forth with purpose. You are the superhero to save your day. It’s your  YOUniverse become the Living Truth. You’ve got the consciousness of power. Know it and use it, don’t lose it. You are the Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do of LIFE. The birds, bees in beautiful harmonies with all of creation sing a song of encouragement for the I  to become the greatest I possible. Create, seek insight…Do Good …Do It Now!


Strong #17b Hero’s Journey MKMMA

9 & 10 do it again,this choice is yours grow the Flower of Life with in you to it’s fullest. Visualize the intricacies of the the Journey . Keeping a positive visualization of the ultimate you.Everyones got the ability, Everyone’s a hero. You are the executive producer ,producer ,director ,and lead role. Be the Superhero and save your life from mediocrity.

Strong# 17 MKMMA

It is you and no one else but you that can make life happen. Concentrate on the person you wish to be. You are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. Keep your mind clear about that. You are the hero from your story called life. There is nothing holding you back but you yourself, the old blueprint needs to be revised you’ve got the power to make the revisions. You do not need permission from anyone other than your self to do it now. Nothing is Stopping You. You have dominion over your thought and your mind. Get into it and know yourself, you are the hero you’ve been waiting for to save the day. Believe & Achieve you can do it I’m sure of it.MKMMA be the hero of your life’s journey.

Strong#16. MKMMA

Adjust and adapt on the go,roll with the punches get in the flow. One has to read the situation whatever it is, not just with your eyes but all your senses. Every situation is different so it entails Tailoring your interaction with every individual you meet. You have to speak the language of the individual in order for them to hear you and understand you. It’s not always a different language but can be just a different style of speaking in order so the person to whom you are speaking absorbs what you are saying and has full understanding. Your observations are important ,seeing hearing and feeling what’s going on. Full awareness as to the receptivity of an individual, how they will hear you, how they absorb what you are saying, in a sense you have to speak their language. Most likely an artist will be more receptive in one way and a business tycoon will be receptive in another. If there are eight different ways of learning then there are eight different ways of teaching. I may learn one way but if I want to teach I need to be able to teach all 8 different ways in order to get maximum receptivity. Adapt and grow getting the flow…….MKMMA DO IT NOW.


WordSoundPower. Cultivate the seeds of positivity in every utterance that we say. Do good and good will follow you. Everyone has the possibility of being the optimum person they can be I am sure of this. We all have it within us it’s just whether we apply it to the fullest. Every utterance every thought matters. Love is the main thing, keep that in your forethought on every situation. You and only you have the power to do it. The more love you think about talk about the more love is all about in every facet of your life. Be the love to see the love. Let’s cultivate big Gardens of love flowers in every relationship we have.🎯🌹🏵💮🌸💐🌷🌼🌻🌺🌾