Strong#8 MKMMA

As long as I can remember  people would say,you are what you eat. I would tell my children when they were small, you are what you say, to instill in them a sense of non judgement of others to reflect and look within themselves.#8 is great causing one to really visualize where”it” comes from whatever it is. Realization of where things come from to help one’s visualization of how it manifests. Applying that to our life where we’ve been who we are and what we can become. Love is definitely where we’re from,we may not feel Here and Now in our present but we are in love ,and love is definitely our destination. Don’t wait for “Gunga la Gunga”( full realization on your Deathbed”. Bring it into the here-and-now, be the love it is possible,you can do it. Becoming the optimal self you can be now living the ultimate life for the good of all. #MKMMAMakeitREAL


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