Strong #11 MKMMA

There is a saying if at first you do not succeed try and try again. Persistence is the key to that saying. There is another saying that I even liked better and it is from the Star Wars movie. Yoda said try not young Skywalker  Do,you must.( I’m not sure if the you must was part of that line) but you must be persistent to do anything. Working on whatever it is that you want to do is an essential part of your existence, being persistent in the work you’re doing will lead you to success eventually. Being persistent in your practices leads to Improvement. It takes strength and tenacity. Life is a serious test a series of lessons you learned and your blessed, it’s not always easy. Think of the bull rider in the rodeo, no matter what it is that you were doing it’s not as physically demanding as that. The champion bull rider has been thrown off a bull many times in his life. Through his strength and persistence he succeeded to become a champion. When the challenges of life throw you off the bull you gotta grab that bugger by the horns get back up on and show um who’s boss. Don’t let life get you down, you have the strength of the universe within you. You are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy, Believe and Receive. Nobody else is going to do it for you, so that puts you in the driver seat. You are the vehicle so steer yourself to success. #MKMMA.


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