Strong#16. MKMMA

Adjust and adapt on the go,roll with the punches get in the flow. One has to read the situation whatever it is, not just with your eyes but all your senses. Every situation is different so it entails Tailoring your interaction with every individual you meet. You have to speak the language of the individual in order for them to hear you and understand you. It’s not always a different language but can be just a different style of speaking in order so the person to whom you are speaking absorbs what you are saying and has full understanding. Your observations are important ,seeing hearing and feeling what’s going on. Full awareness as to the receptivity of an individual, how they will hear you, how they absorb what you are saying, in a sense you have to speak their language. Most likely an artist will be more receptive in one way and a business tycoon will be receptive in another. If there are eight different ways of learning then there are eight different ways of teaching. I may learn one way but if I want to teach I need to be able to teach all 8 different ways in order to get maximum receptivity. Adapt and grow getting the flow…….MKMMA DO IT NOW.


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