Where there is fear the law of substitution is what I suggest and the law of dual thought. Courage is the substitution I choose to use for focus and encouragement we can attach any feeling to a thought we want.

Remember Forrest Gump’s Lieutenant Dan strapped in the Crow’s Nest in the hurricane out at Sea in the Gulf of Mexico.

Don’t get caught up in the fear law of substitution works. The omnipotent Universal Mind is between your ears. Lead with your heart it’s got the power you’ve got the power every cell in your body has been created for greatness. You have the choice within your own mind two nourish yourself with the mental food that will strengthen and give you courage. Stay away from the swag  negative mindsets that are keeping you down and stripping your body your spirit and your soul of its perfection.

DO IT NOW. MKMMA get the keys to unlock the success that is intended for your life Journey.


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