MKMMA part 20 strong 21.

Actions speak louder than words. I choose not to look to a noun

  1.  ” person place or thing”

But I look to Godliness the action that one takes. Self-discipline creative power to manifest positive godliness. Do good and good will follow you! In the silence be the architect of your greatest imagination for the good of all involved. Sometimes The Groovy lifestyle you’re leading that sometimes fall short of your goal, is actually a rut you’re settling for because it’s a lot better than most people’s situation. Self realization comma adjusting the mind to be a positive constructive powerful force bringing you to your highest form your omnipotence self. The mind is got to say and the body cannot stray, you can quote me on that one, so keep your mindset positive. Visualize it in your breath in with the good releasing and blowing the bad away from you and your omnipotence self that you are.

 It’s one day you Got the Whole World in Your Hands what are you going to do? MKMMA DO IT NOW.


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