Dream BIG you’ve got nothing to lose except settling for mediocrity in life. In science we learn that if we put heavier things on one side of the scale it outweighs the lighter side of the scale. So stack your scale with the positive encouragement to outweigh the negative discouraging ways of being . It’s simple, quite Elementary . Stack your good thoughts good actions positive encouragement on your scale eliminate all the negative chitter-chatter and the positive outweighs the negative every time. Those positive thoughts create positive mental Impressions , tendencies and character to lead you to the highest optimal self that you can be. Take your boundaries off your conscious life expression with unbridled enthusiasm, as if it’s your last chance. The truth is you are created 4 greatness don’t ever underestimate yourself. The only limit on you is you saying there’s a limit. Miracles happen and you are miraculous if YOU choose to be so, do it now. MKMMA


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