MKMMA PART 22 Strong 25

Cultivation of positivity is the most important aspect of life. You are the grounds where your heartseed & mindseed are planted. You could  be the fertile ground that the seed of life flourishes in. Your mind creates the fertilizer that enables the seed to grow into it’s Optimum self. Everyone has a choice to be or not to be.

Thanks to mkmma I have coming to the realization in my life personal experience , that I have always hope for the best and prepared for the worst. That mindset is setting me up to fail. I have been My Own Worst Enemy. Preparing myself for the best possible outcome I could imagine, and hoping for better outcome than even imaginable is the mindset one needs to have in this life in order to achieve the optimum experience in this embodiment. I have had an amazing life , extraordinary compared to the greater percentage of the world certainly. This is no coincidence, so I need to eliminate my stumbling blocks that I have created in order to reach that Optimum life experience. I am so grateful and so thankful for this course allowing me to come into full realization and experience my Optimum potential and life. Plant the seed and cultivate positivity for the optimum experience possible. MKMMA IS A WAY.


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