Harmonious mental attitude= harmonious life. We think at light speed, you are the light of your existence, so let it shine. You have the whole Universe within you. What do you want to focus on…. that is what will manifest in your life. The power of the almighty is within you. Don’t waste your time on anything less than the optimum omnipotent self you can be. There are many great Masters in the past and there are more in the future, you can be the master of your existence right here and now, don’t shrug it off on someone to manifest it for you, you are it.SO BE IT. You are the best generator for any condition for your self, live it ,know it, BE IT!!!!


Strong # 13 MKMMA

  1. Let your needle of your internal compass point you in the direction of positivity. Don’t waste your time on anything less than perfection. Everything is in your power don’t on Empower yourself with any other thoughts other than positive mental focus. You Canby the optimum self buy keeping your Optimum self on the Forefront of your thought. Channeling the highest reality into your embodiment through the practice of the highest positive thought you can think. Positive mental attitude is the way, so if you’re thinking something other than the most positive, STOP IT, it does not serve you to think anything other than the best towards yourself or anyone else. Positive is how you must live. MKMMA is a way to help you not stray. Science of the Mind keep it positive and you won’t be left behind. Persist with the positive and you will succeed with the positive.

Strong#12 MKMMA

Car troubles, email troubles, people not getting back to me I’ve been reaching out to for a while wanting to talk to them. It’s all okay because I will persist and I will succeed no matter what. My love is bigger than all of the misfortune anger and dissatisfaction around me. I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. If life throws you a curveball you have to adjust your swing accordingly and hit one out of the park. Knowledge  of the power  courage to dare  & the faith  to do this thing,I will persist and I will succeed.

Strong #11 MKMMA

There is a saying if at first you do not succeed try and try again. Persistence is the key to that saying. There is another saying that I even liked better and it is from the Star Wars movie. Yoda said try not young Skywalker  Do,you must.( I’m not sure if the you must was part of that line) but you must be persistent to do anything. Working on whatever it is that you want to do is an essential part of your existence, being persistent in the work you’re doing will lead you to success eventually. Being persistent in your practices leads to Improvement. It takes strength and tenacity. Life is a serious test a series of lessons you learned and your blessed, it’s not always easy. Think of the bull rider in the rodeo, no matter what it is that you were doing it’s not as physically demanding as that. The champion bull rider has been thrown off a bull many times in his life. Through his strength and persistence he succeeded to become a champion. When the challenges of life throw you off the bull you gotta grab that bugger by the horns get back up on and show um who’s boss. Don’t let life get you down, you have the strength of the universe within you. You are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy, Believe and Receive. Nobody else is going to do it for you, so that puts you in the driver seat. You are the vehicle so steer yourself to success. #MKMMA.


Don’t bury your thoughts Put Your Dreams to reality #MKMMA.

A dream without a written plan of action is a fantasy. So write it down put it into action. O.A.T.S. What is your Objective. What Action are you going to move on. How much Time are you going to allow yourself to do it. Schedule it into your calendar. Make it your reality ,you can do it. As a matter of fact you’re the only one that will do it for you unless you have a personal assistant that does everything for you, it’s up to YOU.

  That’s right I & I are a perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. Where there is growth, there must be life; where there is life there must be Harmony, so that everything that has life is constantly attracting to itself the conditions and the supply which is necessary for its most complete expression.      Learning is growing, growing is living so if you’re not learning you’re dying don’t be a corpse in the water floating getting pushed around by waves and tides. Be a child of godliness ,Eyes & Ears open wide brain opened clearly, we always have something to learn as well as teach. One mouth and two ears two eyes clearly indicates you’re supposed to listen and observe twice as much as you speak. When you stop learning that’s when you start dying.                                      Keep on Learning and Keep on Growing.#MKMMA because you’re not ready for the Coffin,Mausoleum or Crematorium  yet.


9 strong moving along. Tapping into the omnipotent power that is within all of us. Living positive bringing light truth and Harmony to your existence. I am whole, perfect, strong powerful ,loving, harmonious ,and happy. Power courage kindliness and sympathy. Visualizing reality being created.

 Personal growth and development, is what life’s all about becoming the best you can be. Don’t sell yourself short and settle for less MKMMA can help you be the BEST.

Strong#8 MKMMA

As long as I can remember  people would say,you are what you eat. I would tell my children when they were small, you are what you say, to instill in them a sense of non judgement of others to reflect and look within themselves.#8 is great causing one to really visualize where”it” comes from whatever it is. Realization of where things come from to help one’s visualization of how it manifests. Applying that to our life where we’ve been who we are and what we can become. Love is definitely where we’re from,we may not feel Here and Now in our present but we are in love ,and love is definitely our destination. Don’t wait for “Gunga la Gunga”( full realization on your Deathbed”. Bring it into the here-and-now, be the love it is possible,you can do it. Becoming the optimal self you can be now living the ultimate life for the good of all. #MKMMAMakeitREAL


What the Dali Lama say what would the Dali Lama do? This is what I have been thinking when the negative has approached into my consciousness or around my physical being. It has been a most difficult seven days in many regards. I am sad. The Light Within Me is strong and I greet each day with love in my heart! I knew the nazi racist fascist people existed but did not have an idea of just how deep seeded and large of group they really are. It is evident in this election that is an overwhelming majority. It would seem that the Third Reich has taking over America. To all my black ancestors and my Native American ancestors Aho Mitakweasan ,one thing I can say positive about the situation is he has not been sworn in yet. I will greet each day with love in my heart.


I am really enjoying this experience. Every single person I talk to about MKMMA is interested. More than half of the people have expressed that they want to get involved and are a little disappointed to hear that they have to wait till next year or the next time it happens. Happy to be involved, happy to be growing.