Press Release

“From Pacifica Radio, this is Democracy Now ; people can live together in harmony regardless of race or religion if they just don’t have to struggle for their daily needs.

Today’s broadcast is from a Utopian community in the Puna District of Atui, or as most people refer to the area, Papaa bay ranch in Aliomanu, Anahola, on the Eastside of Kauai. Today’s top story is an interview with Thomas Anderson AKA JAHmanT.R.A. A Healer, helper, nonviolent direct activist, founding member of Food Not Bombs, grandfather, family man, platinum recording artist, bestselling author, sustainable farmer, Yogi, network marketing Guru, and entrepreneur.

I’m Amy Goodman and this is Democracy Now. For those only listening to the audio portion of our broadcast the setting is a 375 Acre Farm community standing from beachfront to Mountain Top, an agrarian Village which has 420 residents creating and maintaining a full sustainable biodynamic Farm. Animals, residents, fruit trees, and vegetables, all living in harmony.  Mosaic of pharmacopoeia labyrinth, Fibonacci spiral Gardens, terraced hillsides. Every square foot of ground has purpose. There is one large playing field for lacrosse and soccer. There is a beach volleyball court and a basketball court. Underfoot in the playing field where there are soccer goals and Lacrosse goals it is perennial peanut. The no mow and blow policy, as well as no petroleum distillates policy, are in place at this farm. Horses pull plows and vehicles are left at the garage barn by the roadside. Residents used bicycles, horses, and donkeys to access the property. Walking is encouraged. One lone paved road leads to a beachfront home that is the site for the weekly luau where the giant Feast is prepared at the beach for all whom wish to attend. A Hukilau is pulled from the Bay just as in the ancient days of the Hawaiians used to do in this fishing Village of old. Some Surfers are on a left-hand brake called Flags enjoying a sunny beautiful wind swell. The other side of the outside of the bay is a right-hand brake called marijuana’s that only has surf during large Southeast swells.

Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mantra lived in Pen Argyl PA ,Upstate New York and central New Jersey with his parents. He moved to Boston After High School where he lived for 9 years as a social political activist, musician and artist, until he moved to the Garden Island of Kauai.”

Awaiting at the estate home on the beachfront, Mantra drives up the road silently in a lime green Tesla.

Mantra stops the vehicle and gets out of the car.

“Aloha Amy, thank you very much for coming to our community.”

“Mantra how did this all begin?”

“Well Amy, at the very early age of 4 or maybe 5, I was downstairs in the basement of the house my dad built in Pen Argy,l Pennsylvania my mom was upstairs making dinner. I was playing in the TV room in the basement and I decided to turn on the TV to see if there was perhaps a cartoon on. It was early evening and no cartoons were on, only the Nightly News. One of the channels had a news program that was broadcasting mostly Black and some white non-violent activists getting beaten with billy clubs and sprayed with fire hoses. I turned off the TV and the images were very disturbing and stuck with me in my mind. So I went upstairs and started to ask my mom questions like, “why do police spray people with fire hoses?  and “why are the police beating people who are just standing there?” My mother asked me a few questions like what was I doing downstairs and did I turn on the TV, and I told her I did and I saw police spraying people with fire hoses. My mother then explained to me about racial discrimination and the inequality that was in America. And I believe that’s where it really started Amy. As a child playing Cowboys and Indians I always chose to be an Indian. My great-grandmother had Cherokee blood. So I always had an affinity for those who were treated ill in society.”
“How did music become part of your life?”

“I had two older sisters and an older brother, and from the sixties with the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Jefferson Airplane playing in the house, I was exposed to good ol’ rock and roll. We moved to Upstate New York in 1967, and in the seventies, Woodstock was my favorite album to listen to.  I was 8 or 9 when I went to my first concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  My sister Dana brought me to a Bread concert. In 1973, we move to Central New Jersey and we lived an hour away from Philadelphia and an hour away from New York City. My brother, who was four years older than me, also loved music, and when I was about 10 or 11 we started going to concerts on the trains. in 1978, I saw the Rolling Stones with Peter Tosh and that’s when I fell in love with reggae music, because Peter Tosh and Bob Marley were saying something of substance, singing for the sufferers of Earth. in 1980, when Clash produced the Sandinista album it made me believe that I could play reggae music. During 1980, I started to write songs with a friend who was going to Berkley school of music. She believed that I would have a knack for it and I had a pretty good singing voice. Ellen encouraged me to write music.  With her living in Boston, the same town that my oldest sister lived in, it seemed a likely place for me to go and pursue a career in music.  Then on May 2nd 1982, I had a profound realization at a Food Not Bombs concert in Cambridge, Mass, where they had their own security, so no police were there.  Everything there was free; free food, free music, free face painting and free childcare.  I met some incredible people that day and I met some Reggae musicians. From that point on, I was into the utopian idea and started to explore the art of Reggae music, singing and songwriting and playing music.”

“That Food Not Bombs event seemed to be a pivotal point in your life. Will you explain how, why and what was so profound?”

“Well Amy, the freedom that it represented was a different model for society. No police, no problems.   Even though there was free food, people donated money.  It was a truly group caring experience in Perfect Harmony, many different races, many different religions.  It was a collective Cooperative collaboration. A reflection of how a compassionate community could actually exist. This represents the ideals and principles I relate to most.”

“A lot has change for you since those days.  Will you explain those changes?”

“Yes, that’s true. A lot has changed Amy.  I had four children, 2 born in Boston and 2 born on Kauai.  I was raising two of my children on Kauai for 10 years as a single dad when I met the love of my life, Stacey Joroff or, as I like to call her, Anastasia Jorroffski, my beautiful Universe girl.  We met in 2006. Stacey brought a sense of completion to my life. We’ve learned to dance like we’ve never danced before in this life.  She really helped me tighten up my whole approach and I really helped her loosen up, and each of us has helped each other bring our dreams to reality.

In 2017, I had my first hit record, and in 2018 we had our first best-selling book. A huge part of that success was getting involved in a health and wellness company called LifeVantage. A direct marketing business. That led us to exploring personal growth and development like we never had before, which then led us to the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  That course was life changing for both of us and anyone who has any interest in being better with family, with relationships, with business, with school, or just a better person in life, should participate in the Master Key course with Mark J and the Fabulous Davene.

Mark J, Davene and their team are a huge asset to society and they have helped me hone in on the skills and mindset to take my life to the highest level. Since I have done the course, I have had several bestselling books and six platinum records. I have created utopian communities in Vermont, in Jamaica, in Ethiopia, and on the Garden Island. I have helped to support Stacey’s women’s collective in Hawaii and Vermont.  I have set up alcohol-free Farm to Table restaurants and music venues which serve free meals every Friday at sundown until Saturday sundown, in both Jamaica and Ethiopia. I also own two different Tesla dealerships, one on the island of Kauai and one in Burlington Vermont.  The dealerships are worker owned collectives and the workers share in the profits each year.”

Amy, a mostly positive mental attitude was what really helped me through some difficult times. I was negative about business and I was negative about the money system.  Both LifeVantage and the Master Key course really help me flip the switch on my reality. Back in 1985, when I was doing the literature table for Food Not Bombs, a woman came up to me and stopped to look at the information I had on the table. There were many issues represented on the table; social, political, and environmental. The sister  said to me, ‘If you really want to do something about this, you should go out and make a million dollars and then you could actually set things up to help change the world.’  This struck me. Then in 2014, I was exposed to the LifeVantage opportunity. LifeVantage is a truly unique company and has created a whole category in Health and Wellness called nutrigenomics. They have the market cornered in Nrf2 technology. I really liked the idea of network marketing.  I saw some of it in the eighties and nineties, but I never felt drawn to any of the products.  Protandim was different.  It increases your life expectancy by 7% from taking one pill a day. Taking Protandim Nrf2 activator and using TrueScience, their skin care formula breaks, the link to melanoma. It is a truly unique formula, category creating product line, and an amazing once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.

In the movie, ‘The Matrix”, with Keanu Reeves, the name of his character was Thomas Anderson.  Ever since I saw that movie, because Morpheus referred to him as Neo, I have what I call the Neo complex and I wanted to save the world through music. LifeVantage  gives me the opportunity to help people get off the hamster wheel and start living authentically. I feel as if I can help many people in many ways.  Getting involved with LifeVantage led me to the MKMMA, which empowered both Stacey and I to incorporate and have true health, autonomy, liberty, be recognized for our creative expression, grow spiritually, build a legacy and help others, in our lives.”

“ We have one minute left in this portion of the broadcast. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?”

“Well Amy, I would have to say to all the people out there listening, that they should follow their heart, believe in themselves, do good in whatever you are doing, and know that love is the only answer to all the questions. Every human being and every mammal should be taking Protandim and using TrueScience. The business might not be for everyone, but LifeVantage has a better way of business.  Also, every person on Earth can benefit from the MKMMA course.

I love you Amy thank you so much.”